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Frequently Asked Questions

 How can I learn if any property is for sale at Cascade Meadow Ranch?

Inquire of a local realtor or check a multiple listing service website, such as

What are the annual homeowners' association assessments or dues?

The regular CMR HOA assessments are divided into two categories: Operations and Reserve. The Operations budgeting year runs from September 1 through August 31, and the annual Operations budget is completed in early September. 50% of the Operations assessment is due by September 30, and the remaining 50% is due by March 31. The annual Reserve assessment is determined in early June, and is due in full by June 30.  The amount of each assessment varies from year to year. In addition, Special assessments have been levied on the few occasions when they were necessary. The attached document shows our assessment history.

Are there rules that govern new construction and landscaping or changes to existing construction or landscaping?

Yes, a copy of the Architectural Review Committee Rules & Regulations is attached.

Does Cascade Meadow Ranch make its facilities available as a rental venue for events like weddings, clinics, Renaissance Fairs, etc?

No. However, a member of the HOA may use our facilities to host an event or gathering as a sponsor if our requirements are met.

Are homes at Cascade Meadow Ranch available as vacation rentals?

No.  The minimum rental duration for a home at Cascade Meadow Ranch is one year, and it is extremely rare for property here to be offered for rent.

Is Cascade Meadow Ranch a good fit for people who do not own or want horses?

Absolutely!  Cascade Meadow Ranch is a community of people with diverse interests, hobbies and pursuits.  Fewer than half of our members have horses at the ranch.   

Who can board a horse at Cascade Meadow Ranch?

Only members of the HOA, and their temporary guests, may board a horse here. Renters are not allowed boarding privileges.  The attached document shows our current boarding rates.

May I board my horse(s) on my lot at Cascade Meadow Ranch?

No. Any horse staying at the ranch must be boarded in one of the alternatives (stalls, paddocks, pastures) provided by our boarding facilities.

Are there any rules that govern horse boarding at Cascade Meadow Ranch?

Yes, a copy of the Cascade Meadow Ranch Stable Rules is attached.

Are members of the general public allowed to haul-in to use the Cascade Meadow Ranch trails or arenas?

No, use of our equestrian facilities is limited to members of our homeowners’ association and their guests.

This site is for informational purposes only and contains no offer, specific or implied, of property for sale.  Please contact a real estate broker for information regarding properties for sale at Cascade Meadow Ranch

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